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Founded in 2014 by designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Pansczcyk, Area is a fashion and accessories design studio specialising in quality craftsmanship, textile development and innovative embellishment. Since its launch, Area has garnered a cult following with their modern and timeless take on beauty and glamour. By embracing the constant evolution of our ideals of beauty, Area celebrates duality and togetherness. The brand’s signature style is multi-faceted; witty, inherently glam, playfully decadent and injected with a pop energy. The brand shares its name and spirit with the iconic 80s Manhattan nightclub, known for its fusion of art and performance in conceptually-theme nights attracting an eclectic mix of uptown and downtown scenes along with international celebrities.

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Hannah was a pleasure to hire to & great communication x


Alex was great to deal with. Perfect service and dress . Thanks
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