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Rent a Loreta Lorenzo Dress
Formal rental Loreta Lorenzo Dress
Rent a White Loreta
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$75 Rent ($250 RRP)
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Loreta Red for rent
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$40 Rent ($250 RRP)
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Designer rental Loreta Chemistry Dress
Loreta White rental
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$65 Rent ($250 RRP)
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Loreta White to rent
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$225 Rent ($450 RRP)
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Loreta Black to loan
Loreta Black for loan
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$75 Rent ($250 RRP)
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Loreta Red to borrow
Affordable Loreta Kookla
Loreta Red for hire
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$60 Rent ($250 RRP)

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(Erika left a 5 star Rating)
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Amazing woman, she was so kind and caring and returned my dress the same way I gave it! Punctual and great communication! Welcome anytime!
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Nichole was a pleasure to lend too. Her communication was simple, clear and friendly. Dress came back in perfect condition.
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Outfit Of The Day

Would hire to Clair Anytime.
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Unfortunately my rental did not arrive in time due to delays (thanks covid) but Kay was super accommodating!! Item was in perfect condition. She is really responsive and accepted my booking promptly 10/10