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Loan a Realisation Par Alba
$90 Rent ($370 RRP)
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Rent a Green Realisation Par
Affordable Green Realisation Par
Hire a Realisation Par Alba | Dahlia
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Hire a Realisation Par Alba | Dahlia
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$100 Rent ($340 RRP)
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Loan a Realisation Par The Emily
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$80 Rent ($250 RRP)
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Cheap designer Realisation Par Isabelli
For rent a Yellow Realisation Par
$80 Rent ($295 RRP)

Founded by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, Realisation is a concept that arose from the collective mindset of the inspiring women around us. It is a brand that represents the best of all women. A Realisation Par piece seeks to be an individual addition to your personal style, to give you the confidence to wear whatever you want. Have your choice of cute minis, sophisticated midis or a simple patterned skirt when browsing with Designerex. Realisation Par gives you the opportunity to dress up your outfit with a pair of heels or keep it casual with some white sneakers. Rent or lend a Realisation Par dress and leave an impression at your next event.

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Highly recommend lending from Alex - she's helpful, friendly and quick to respond. There was one small hitch, which Alex resolved quickly. The dress was in great condition, and arrived in time.
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Would hire to Elyse anytime
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(Jodie left a 5 star Rating)
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Perfect renter!


Absolutey loved hiring this dress! Booke was super responsive and helpful which made the whole process stress-free! Would definitely hire again.