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$100 Rent
RRP $370
Aster set


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Wear Designer to your events.
Every time!

Get the look you want and pay only for the time you wear it. #smart

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GOT a designer dress
in your wardrobe?

  • x List it for free
  • x Lend it as many times as you like
  • x Make money each time

Haven’t you heard?
#sharing is the new black.

Rent and Lend your designer dresses easily through our secure all-in-one platform.
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    We’re all about trust and security, so we enable you to verify a member’s ID
    such as a driver’s license or passport through integrated real-time technology.


    Find the best designer dress rental deal by comparing listings from individuals
    and leading designer dress rental businesses all in one portal.


    Payment details are encrypted, so Renters and Lenders can pay and get
    paid with peace of mind.

  • simple DASHBOARD

    Your login gives you direct access to track and manage your
    reservations and dress listings at any time, so you are always in control.

  • peer to peer

    Take advantage of the fast growing sharing economy by securely renting
    and lending your designer clothes with others all around the country.

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