Make money from your designer dresses by securely lending them through designerex™, instead of wastefully
hanging them back in your closet. Unlike selling, which is limited, lending is ongoing
and can make your dress profitable over time.

Whether you are an individual dress owner or an emerging fashion entrepreneur, the designerex™ platform
is built for all user types and always puts you in control.
Designerex™ gives you all the technology you need, to take advantage of the
booming sharing economy and earn extra income securely.

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Listing Your Dress

Listing your items on designerex™ is free and easy. You can create as many listings as you like so long as your items are in excellent condition and have a minimum retail value of $250. When listing your dress, provide as much detail as possible, as some Renters may not have the luxury of being able to try it on and will only receive it in the post a few days before their event. We will provide you with an estimated rental price however you are ultimately in control of how much you offer your item for. You are also able to adjust your Availability Calendar according to when your dress is and isn’t available. Items that are currently accepted are evening and cocktail wear only.

Responding to Requests

Once your listing has been published, you may start to receive Messages and Booking Requests for your dress from Renters. To maintain a good reputation on designerex™, be sure to respond to Messages and Accept or Decline Booking Requests within 24 hours. You can look out for the ‘Verified ID’ badge on every Booking Request, this means the Renter has provided us with their offline Government ID such as a Valid Drivers Licence or Passport.

Arranging Postage or Pick-up

After you have accepted a Booking Request, prepare your dress for the Renter and ensure it has been professionally dry cleaned before Posting or Pick-Up. All the information you need is found in your Current Reservations page in your Dashboard and in an email sent to you. To be extra helpful, you can Message the Renter to confirm the Pick-Up or if you are sending by Post, ensure you enter the Tracking Numbers into the Reservation on your Dashboard. At the completion of the reservation there is a payout to you which includes a deduction of our service fee. The fee ranges between 16% to 25% of the total transaction amount, with a $19.95 minimum applicable to all transactions. You will never get charged a service fee unless you make money. It’s never been easier to start lending your designer clothes, as many times as you like.

Trust & Security

designerex™ is built on trusted relationships between Renters and Lenders through the use of
online ID Verification Technology ensuring authenticity, Reviews after each transaction, a
Private Messaging system and a Cashless Secure Payment Gateway. Renting and Lending through the
designerex™ platform is the most secure, safe and smart way to wear and make money by sharing
your designer pieces with other women.
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ID Verification Technology

Real-time scanning of ID such
as a Drivers License or Passport

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private messaging

Built-in private messaging that enables you to directly communicate with Lenders and Renters

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Secure payments for all your
reservations and All Payouts to you.

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