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Designerex™ is the world’s largest peer-to-peer designer dress sharing platform. It enables you to compare different providers for free and book a dress 
securely for your event, all in one platform. Unlike non-secure forums, the designerex™ platform makes renting more secure, by giving you the latest 
technology such as real-time ID Verification. Designerex™ also enables you to login at anytime to your own private dashboard so you can keep track of 
your designer dress rental reservations, each step of the way. Enjoy the freedom of always wearing the latest designer dresses to your events.

Wear & Return

Search & Discover

You can search the rental listings by simply searching all, or by your delivery date, size or preferred designer. Each dress 
listing is detailed and lists all the important info you will need to know, but in case you have any specific questions, feel 
free to send the Lender a message. After you find an outfit you would like to book, ensure you have completed your profile 
first, this helps Lenders get to know you before deciding whether to rent their item to you or not. Renters with a 
completed profile are more likely to be accepted by Lenders than Renters with incomplete profiles.

Making a Booking

Once you have an idea about which dress you would like to rent, choose the dates you require the item for and if there is a choice, 
indicate whether you would like to pick-up the item or have it posted to you. Some items are pick-up only or postal only, make sure 
you are aware of which method is offered and where the item is located. Most rentals are for a period of 4 days, some have a longer  
option if you need it. The first day is the day you would like to receive the item and the last day is the day you would need to put the 
item back in the post (or returning it to its location if a pick-up option is available). If you have any questions, you can send a private 
Message to the Lender at anytime. You will be asked for your delivery address and payment details at the point of the Booking 
Request, and although we pre-authorise your card, you will only be charged once the Lender accepts your request.

Wear it and Return it

After your transaction has been accepted (this is the exciting bit) - wear your designer outfit to your event! Be sure to tag us 
 @_designerex so we can show the other girls what they could be wearing to their next event. Once you have worn the outfit, get it 
ready to be given back to the Lender, whether that be posting it back on the next business day or arranging a time to drop it off to 
her. You will both then have the opportunity to review the rental experience with each other, which will help build your reputation  
within the community.

Trust & Security

designerex™ is built on trusted relationships between Renters and Lenders through the use of online ID Verification Technology ensuring authenticity, 
Reviews after each transaction, a Private Messaging system and a Cashless Secure Payment Gateway. Renting and Lending through the designerex™ 
platform is the most secure, safe and smart way to wear and make money by sharing your designer pieces with other women.

ID Verification Technology

Real-time scanning of ID such
as a Driver's License or Passport

Private Messaging

Built-in private messaging that enables you to
directly communicate with Lenders and Renters

Payment Gateway

Secure payments for all your
reservations and all payouts to you.

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