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Monique, Sydney,NSW

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This is a stunning jumpsuit which i received many compliments for at my special event. The lender is a really lovely lady who made the process easy and smooth. She delivered the item very quickly (arrived on the Wednesday, well and truly ready for the Friday). Would recommend hiring this beautiful garment, with this lovely lady!
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Such a beautiful dress, and in great condition!
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This was my first time using Designerex and I couldn't be more impressed. Monique emailed me back straight away and within fifteen minutes we had arranged for me to try on the Zimmermann playsuit. The process of paying/picking up/dropping off was seamless. Monique was lovely to deal with and the playsuit was in excellent condition. I received sooo many compliments on how gorgeous it was! Highly recommend and thanks Monique!
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Style savvy hire
Great service!
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(Lauren left a 5 star Rating)
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I had enquires about this dress and it was booked out! They cancelled and Monique messaged me! She was so helpful and my dress arrived he Day it was scheduled to! Absolutely 10/10 service! Cannot wait to hire off her again!
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Stunning dress - more amazing than photos could ever show! Dress arrived exactly when I needed it. Highly recommended x
(Rachael left a 5 star Rating)
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Highly recommended
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Great first time designer ex experience. Monique was fantastic.!! Arranged to try on the dress the week before my event and she ended up letting me take it home that day. Will definitely be renting from her again.
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Monique was fantastic to deal with! First time using designerex and I will defiantly be hiring off her again! Made he transaction so smoothe and easy with quick delivery of my stunning Zimmerman dress! Highly recommend xx
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(Hannah left a 5 star Rating)