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Dress Hire Au, Melbourne,VIC

Established in October 2015, Dress Hire Au quickly became the go to destination for Australian women wanting to wear the most up-to-date designer pieces. At Dress Hire Au, we are passionate about working closely with our customers to provide them with the perfect dress. Our range grows bigger and better by the day as we continue to add more and more dresses based on our customers requests. Today, at Dress Hire Au we aim to broaden our range to offer all Australian women the opportunity to wear “that” dress without the hefty price-tag. We have all had the experience of dreaming about a particular dress or two (or hundreds) that we knew we could never afford. Or perhaps you did fork out the cash only to ever wear “that” dress once. Which ever it may be, Dress Hire Au is now your solution to these very (very) real problems.

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Wonderful experience. Dress was perfect. Delivered on time and as expected!
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Will definitely use again!