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Maria, Sydney,NSW

From Sydney, Australia :) I travel to rural NSW constantly if anyone is interested to hire for a formal, special occasion etc. My designer collection includes Natalie Rolt and Camilla and Marc but it is 100% bound to grow in the next couple of years as I step out into the world as a high end designer myself (wooo!!) ☺️ Major style icon is Kylie Jenner however I also love Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid & Rihanna! I am passionate about giving you quick, speedy replies and great service so I hope you enjoy :) message me for any enquiries!

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I hired the dress two days out from an event. Maria was quick to respond and ensured she express posted the dress the morning after I'd put in the request. The dress arrived in time. Overall a wonderful experience. Thank you to Maria and to the designer ex team for offering a great and reliable service.