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amazing DRESS!! Beautiful fit (standard 10) Crystal was very helpful and assisted when required.
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Would not recommend. I had a very important milestone birthday (June). Paid to try on the Marina dress, matched the shoes and earrings etc (all cost a small fortune and were to match a pink dress). Dress did not turn up and I was only notified the day I was supposed to receive it. Acknowledge that the person before me didn't send it back on time. Crystal then offered for me to hire the dress for free which I thought was a nice gesture. I hired it for September for a wedding and locked my reservation in. I messaged her a few days before I was supposed to receive the dress to make sure I was definately getting it this time. I got a message back saying that she was not hiring it out anymore. A little heads up would of been nice, It's my first time hiring anything off this site. Not a good start. :(